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“A healthy smile starts with a foundation of healthy bone and gums. As a periodontist, I help my patients build and maintain that foundation. With over 3 years of specialized training in bone, gum, and supporting tissue, I’m uniquely suited to help you achieve lifelong dental health.”


An implant acts as the natural root, supporting a crown, bridge or even dentures. Dental implants do more than restore your smile; they are an investment in your health, preventing bone loss, shifting teeth, gum disease, and more.

In most cases, we can perform your implant treatment in just one comfortable visit! With a precise eye for aesthetics, our doctors ensure your implant looks and feels just like your natural teeth.




Our Glorious Story

Dhanmondi Dental Center is a well-known name in Dental and Oral Care in Bangladesh. The journey of this institution started in 1977 under the hands of Dr. Kazi Mehdi Ul Alam, Gold Medalist of Dhaka University. Dhanmondi Dental Center has been leading the way in Dental Treatment in Bangladesh for more than 40 years in keeping with the evolution of time and the modernization of the era. 

With the passage of time, dentistry has expanded and there have been availability of specialist doctors in various departments. Currently in each department of this center like Dental Implants, Orthodontic Treatment, Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Root Canal, Crown, Bridges, Prosthesis, Filing, Periodontology, specialist doctors with degrees from home and abroad and highly trained in abroad provide treatment to patients in this center. We have long experience of serving domestic and foreign patients.

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We are specialized in


With more than 45 years of experience, Our expertise has been sprayed out in most of the branch of Dentistry. With sophisticated technology our expert team are handling many difficult case successfully. We are offering the services listed below. Follow the links for the details.  

Team Members

Professional Specialists

Prof. Dr. Kazi Mehdih Ul Alam

BDS, FCPS, MCPS, DDPH, RCS (UK) PGC, DPH (London University) Principal, Dhaka Dental College (Govt.) (Ex) Principal, Pioneer Dental College (Ex), Member of American Dental Association BMSDC No-66

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Dr. Md. Mahfuzul Islam

BDS (DDC) Dental Implantologist Certified Implantologist & Member American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID - USA) Member, American Dental Association (ADA - USA) BM&DC No-1847

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Dr. Md. Masudur Rahman Iqbal

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon BDS (DDC), BCS (Health) MS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery) Associate Professor Dhaka Dental College BM&DC No-789

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Dr. Md Abdul Awal

Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry BDS (DDC), BCS (Health) MS (Prosthodontics) Asst. Professor Dhaka Dental College BM&DC No-765

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Dr. Israt Mafruha

Orthodontic BDS (RAJ), MS (Orthodontic) Associate Professor Dhaka Community Medical College (Dental Unit) BM&DC No-2359

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Dr. Monika Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Dhaka Community Medical College (Dental Unit) BDS (CMC-DU), DDS (BSMMU) BM&DC - 5072

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Comments We Recieved

" I would like to take this time out to say thank you for all your work in regards to my teeth. You have taken a great deal of care and patience whilst attending to my teeth which I appreciate. It has been my pleasure to attend my appointments without the fear of something going wrong. I am impressed with your knowledge and I am grateful for the explanations of each procedure at my appointments, which made me feel at ease. I am happy you were able to work on my teeth so quickly and efficiently. Also a big thank you to each member of staff at Dhanmondi Dental Center who always gave exceptional service on my visits. "

Mrs. Yasmin

" I suggest everyone to experience Dhanmondi Dental (PVT) Ltd. "

Sovo Dev Roy

" When I was young, I came to Dhanmondi Dental holding my father's hand to get dental treatment, today I also brought my grand daughter, sometimes I brought my children. Dhanmondi Dental has been providing dental treatment here for the last 41 years. Never felt any lack of value or sincerity. However, I do not see any difference between the modern medical system that they are offering with the combination of technology and experts with the dental treatment taken by the Bangkok. I pray that Dhanmondi Dental will do better in serving the people. "

Dr. Rowshon Ara Begum

" The only dental clinic I do not feel any fear. Excellent service, especially my implant, amazing job. Thank you! "

Hafizur Rohman

" Best Dental Clinic In Dhanmondi , Dhaka , Bangladesh "

Maria Chowdhury

"Latest technology in every corner. Very nice people, they make you feel at home. You feel like you are spending great time with friends and in the same time your teeth."

Jannatul Nisa